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Hello friends, today we will talk about what is Link Building SEO, if you do not know about it, then you are reading the correct article because in this article we are talking about what is Link Building for SEO, how for Rank Building Factor for Link Building for SEO This is how we are going to cover all your questions and topics here.

To rank the content of your blog, you have to keep many Google Search Engine Algorithms in mind, and link building is also a part of that, you must have heard about Link Building before, but due to lack of knowledge, apply Would not have done it. Still, now we will give you information about what is Link Building SEO and how to do SEO.

Today in this post, we will talk about the most important part of Blogging, which is Link Building because if you do not know about this, then you can understand that you are incomplete in Blogging right now, and now you are on the second step in the path of success.

And you will have to learn this part with full interest and dedication because even a little Miss Understanding can give you a negative result instead of a positive, so Be Careful and read this post carefully.

What is Link Building SEO?

What is Link Building SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of many Ranking Factors used because Link is a Signal for Google that assures your site Google that your website is useful for a quality resource. Therefore, sites with more backlinks receive higher rankings.

Link building put is the way to link your website page to any other websites by linking your website to Interlink Link, and External Link is called Link Building.

Today we will talk about some Link Building SEO here, which are like this.

  • Link Building Basics
  • About High-Quality Links
  • Email Outreach About
  • Basics of Link Building SEO

This is probably all you know that Link is still very important for ranking in Google or any search engine even today, because if you want to rank yourself, then you have to do Link Building because Google Algorithm will rank only those webpages, which is linked to more and more web pages.

That is, web pages or websites or blogs that have more backlinks, so, if you want to rank your website or blog, then you have to do Link Building and for this, you should know some basics.

Having Google Penguin Update or Google Panda Update does have an effect on our traffic but it benefits you a lot, but the count of your backlinks should be good.

Now it comes to how important to have backlinks but a High Quality Backlink is equal to your 100 Low or Poor Quality, So Always Try To Create High Quality Do Follow Backlinks.

Now if you have a question in your mind about what high quality backlinks are and how to make them, then this is Good News For You because in this post I will discuss the same things So Keep Reading …… ..

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What is High Quality Links and how to create:

Now it comes to making backlinks, there are two types of links in it, which is High Quality and Low Quality, which read below.

1: High Quality

If you do high quality link building, then you can easily sit in your house and rank your blog or website easily and these links are important for you so always try this only for link building high quality link.

2: Low Quality

If you do Low Quality Link Building then you are doing absolutely wrong and you should avoid it because if you have made Total Low Quality Link then you understand that Google can also Penalize your site, I mean to say this Not that you do not do Low Quality Link Building, but if you make 40% Low Quality Link, then try to make 60% High Quality Link or you can keep Ratio Same for both.

3: Authority Of The Page (PA):

If you do page linking to increase PA, then you must always remember that every page you are linking to your page should also have good PA, only then you will get its benefit, Google does not share it publicly. But, but they use it in the Foundation of their algorithms.

4: Authority Of The Site:

The authority of your site depends on the age of your site, the older your domain, the more your website will be the same Authority Increase, which is probably called DA (Domain Authority), so I personally recommend that you do not change the domain again and again, because I felt its loss.

Note: I changed the domain of another blog, its reason was that AdSense was banned in that domain, I felt very sad because the way I worked and got it ranked, all my hard work was wasted.

5: Internal Linking:

Do you do internal linking in your articles, it also has a much more effect, you can embed the link in your post to the other articles you have shared related to the topic you are writing post on. User Direct can go to your other post from the same, it will benefit you a lot because your Bounce Rate Decrease will be there, which helps in the ranking somewhere.

6: Link Anchor Text:

If you do not know about it, then I tell you, Anchor Text is a text in which you can link your site and when a user clicks on it, it gets redirected to your site. Mostly Comment is used in In Anchor Text, you should use your name or the name of your site, do not use any popular keyword because it can also be understood as Spam.

Ex: You comment on our blog, put your or your site’s name in the Name field and submit the comment by putting your website in the website section, within 24 hours your comment will be approved, you come back and click on your name and try it You will be redirected to your site.

7: Link Co-Citations:

Co-citations are words that are around the links used in your post, and Google uses them as “Baby Anchor Text”, which also helps a lot in ranking.

8: Link From Guest Post:

Who would not know about the guest post, it is the post that we would have written, but for the Link Building SEO, we publish it on another blog, and I do not consider it a good way to link building to anyone. for. It is also called some Log Guest Blogging.

Google has told in its official blog that guest post can also be a spam if you do it this way. Here I am giving some points which are mentioned in Google Blog.

If someone pays you for Guest Post, then do not do this because it can be a Spam.

If the Anchor text you are using for the link in the article does not match your content, that is, our main focus which is that Focused Keyword should not be used as Anchor Text.

That post should not be already published on any other site.

Your and your Guest Posting Site should be Niche Same i.e. if you share information related to Blogging, then the Topic of Accepting Guest Post should also be related to Blogging.

If you do Guest Post keeping these points in mind, improving Sure will help you in ranking.

Difference Between Nofollow & DoFollow:

rel = nofollow This is a tag that tells the search engine that you should not index this link, we have just applied it with some personal reason.

And when it comes to SEO, we remember Dofollow Backlinks because this is indexed by Links Search Engines and helps us rank, so what is the time to start making them today.

Email Outreach About

By the way, you will not get any help in Link Building SEO from here, but you can definitely get good traffic from here, you can use the contact form in your blog and collect visitors’ emails and make them a Best Email Design by yourself. And send it to everyone whose email you have collected.

You Email Design something like this-

Hi [First Name of Visitor]
You probably want to know about [write the name of your Topic]. I have given some special points and all the details about it.
[Write about some Special Word Article that Attracts the User]
Give a link to that article.
[How much do you know about Topic written about yourself between 25 to 40 Word]
[Link your site! ]
Regards / [or whatever you like]
[Your Name]

In this way, if you design your email form and email it to someone, then surely Sure will visit your blog.

I hope you liked this 2019 information about Link Building SEO Basics, in which you taught about Link Building Basics, High Quality Links and Email Outreach.

Link Building SEO Information You will get the rest of the information in the next post, if you have a question related to it, then you can ask in the comment.

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