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Dropshipping in india

Friends, this is the trading business of a low investment segment. In this business, you have to send the shipment details of the order that you get to the dealer of that product. In the drop shipping business, the entrepreneur has to create an e-commerce website. In which he contacts the dealers and shows their products. Informs customers about their price and that product. And after this, when the customer places an order, the customer sends the details of the shipment details and the product to the same dealers.

Which he sends the customer to the direct product according to the given information. You do not have any role in this process. In drop shipping, you can choose the products which have more profit on your website.

How does dropshipping business work?

In order to do this business through online, there is no need to maintain any kind of inventory maintenance, nor does it require any store, warehouse to keep the products. Apart from this, in dropshipping business you do not have to take the trouble of sending the ordered products to the customers.

In the drop shipping business, mainly the products you sell, you do not own those products. Actually, in this business you open an online store or sell your products together with any other shopping website.

Through your online store, you can sell many types of products and when an order comes to you to buy those products, then you send the order to the supplier selling that product. After which that supplier supplies that product on behalf of your company.

How to make money through dropshipping

Through dropshipping, you have to extract your profits only from those products which are bought by customers. That is, if the wholesale price of a product is 100 rupees and you sell it for 120 rupees, then you will get a profit of 20 rupees on the sale of that product.

Therefore, the price of any product you sell through the site should be much less than its selling price. So that you can earn a good profit by selling those products.

Apart from this, many companies also add shipping charges to the wholesale price of their products, while some companies charge shipping charges separately from you and you have to pay these shipping charges from your profits. Therefore, more people add shipping charges in advance to the selling price of their product, so that their profits are not reduced. At the same time, some people take shipping charges separately from customers.

Drop shipping Suppliers

Drop shipping business cannot be done without the help of dropshipper supplier and to sell any kind of product you need a dropshipper supplier. So you should know very well who is the supplier of dropshippers and what is their role in dropshipping business.

Who is a dropship supplier? (Who is Drop shipping Suppliers)

The dropshipper supplier is the person whose goods you sell online through your site. Actually, to start the business of drop shipping, you have to first choose the product you want to sell and then contact the dropshipper supplier of the goods, which works to sell that product.

By meeting the supplier of the product you have chosen, you have to decide how much, how and in how many days, he will get the goods delivered to the person whose order you will give him.

What is the role of Drop shipping Suppliers?

After getting the deal related to the dropship supplier to sell his products, he would give you approval to sell his products on your website or any other website and you can sell his products by putting a photo on the website. After which, as soon as you get an order for that product, you send that order to your dropship supplier and then it sends that product to the customer who ordered the product.

However, there are many dropshipper suppliers who deliver goods of inferior quality to your customers. Therefore, you have to think very carefully to choose a supplier who can only deliver products of the right quality to your customers.

How To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

It is very difficult to choose the right dropship supplier and all the business is based on the dropship supplier. If you select an incorrect dropship supplier, your business will be closed before it starts. At the same time, you are given information about what is important to keep in mind while choosing a dropship supplier.

Certified Drop Shippers

You will find many such droppership suppliers, who will be working to sell those products which you wish to sell through drop shipping. So whatever dropshipper supplier you choose, you must check whether it is a certified dropship supplier. If that certified dropshipper supplier comes out, then you only deal with it.

Check products

Check thoroughly the drop-supplier supplier whose products you are thinking of selling, the products made by him or the products he sells. And if you think his products are right, then deal with him. At the same time, if the quality of his product does not suit you, then it would be wise not to do business with him. Because if you sell the product of useless quality to the customers, then it will only harm your drop shipping business.

Which Products to Choose in Drop Shipping?

First of all, choose the products that are bought more online. Such as mobile, computer, mobile and computer accessories, clothes, shoes, books toys, small furniture, etc. Be careful that you do not keep the products in your list because the shipping charge is high because the profit will be reduced due to higher shipping charge. Chance is high.

What are the advantages of a drop shipping business?

  • No more than one or two people are required to do this business.
  • This business costs a lot less.
  • This business can be done sitting at home, once in the beginning of business you have to rush to contact the dealers.
  • Aventory maintenance, store technology also has no role in this business.
  • If the business model model is favorable, the platform may soon become popular.
  • And at the same time, if the business is properly calculated, it can also be grown with more earning in less time.

What are the things to be kept in mind in drop shipping business?

The most important thing is that every product found on your platform should be genuine and the quality of the product should be special. We should keep checking that there is no wrong deal with any customer. As I mentioned above, the product supplier has an important role in this, so there is a need to keep a special eye on the supplier.

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For which it can be detected by connecting with the customer, how did he like the service of your platform? Those who are engaged in this business say that in this business there is a lot of problem in product overload, delivery time, and replacement, which should be kept in mind. Apart from this, competition with joint players can also prove to be a great choice for a young entrepreneur.

Quality control should be taken care of in drop shipping

Before you show a product on your platform, contact the dealer and take a consent letter from the supplier that the product he is showing on the platform should be the same. There should not be any change. Provide complete information of the product on your e-commerce platform and guarantee that the product can be returned if the wrong product is delivered. You kept checking this thing from time to time. In order to stay connected with the customer, put a contact form on the website, feedback form to take the feed back so that any problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

In drop shipping business, supplier selection and online work is very important.

The supplier’s role is important in this business. Therefore, the entrepreneur should include the supplier who has the supplier’s certificate and a lot of experience in his list, ie he has been associated with the production and marketing of that product for a long time. How much is the availability of any product you want to sell on your website? Apart from this, in-depth knowledge is required about who will be an important part in the shipment and replacement of the product.

Contact as many dropship suppliers as possible

If you search about a dropshipper supplier selling a product through online, then you will find thousands of such dropshipper suppliers who will be associated with this business. And in such a situation it becomes a little difficult for you to choose one dropshipper supplier.

Apart from this, some of these dropshipper suppliers also have suppliers who sell counterfeit goods and in such a situation one has to be more careful in choosing the right dropship supplier. Therefore, you should try to contact as many dropship supplier as possible and then deal only with the supplier of these dropship supplier which is trustworthy.

Easy return policy

Many times it happens that customers do not like the product you sent and they wish to return that product. Therefore the return policy of your dropship supplier should be quite easy, so that neither you nor your customer will have many problems in returning the product.

Setup fees or monthly fees

There are many dropshipper suppliers who call themselves certified dropshipper suppliers and ask you for setup fees or monthly fees to do business with you. But in reality this is not the case and no fee is demanded by any certified supplier. So if any dropshipper supplier asks for any kind of fee from you, then you should not deal with it.

Give you the product at the right price

In the drop shipping business, profits are earned by selling the product. Therefore, you should work with that dropship supplier, who will give you your product at a lower wholesale price, so that you get more profit.

What Products Can Be Drop Shipped Through Dropshipping

There are many types of products that can be sold through drop shipping and earn good profits and the names of these products are as follows.

Computer Accessorise

Computer accessories are sold by many drop shipping companies and are one of the most popular products. People are constantly upgrading their computers and technology and often buy new types of hardware. So you can sell products related to computer accessories through drop shipping.

Beauty Product

Most people buy beauty products online, so if you want, you can also consider selling these products. Also, beauty related products are soon used and hence they are bought much more.


Clothing shopping is also mostly done by people through online, so if you want, you can also sell many types of clothes through online dropshipping and keep their prices accordingly.

If you want to sell clothes through dropshipping, then you also have to decide what kind of clothes you are going to sell, such as Indian wear or Western wear. With this, you also have to decide what kind of clothes you want to sell. Try to sell readymade garments. Because by doing this all types of people will be able to connect with your website.


Cellphone is such a thing, which is used by every class of people. Therefore, you can also consider selling cell phones through dropshipping. Cellphones are sold by many companies in the market, so you will have to contact the retailers and manufacturers of all these companies and sell cell phones of all types of brands.

Generic drugs

Nowadays, medicines are also bought by people online and hence you can work to sell medicines online as well.

Medicine is such a thing, which is very important, so their demand is high all the time. Therefore, selling them through dropshipping will prove beneficial.


The next product you can choose to do dropshipping business are books. You have to decide what kind of books you want to sell, such as children’s books or books related to older people or stationery shop items.


You can also sell items related to children through dropshipping business and to do this you will have to meet the manufacturers of toys or wholesalers who sell them. You should deal with the wholesaler who is ready to sell this face to you at low prices.


The dropshipping business can also be opened for furniture items such as sofas, chairs and tables. However, it costs more to get the shipping of these goods, so if you want, you can add these shipping costs to the prices of these goods or directly from the customers who order these goods.

The risk is low

To start this business, one simply has to contact the retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer and sell the goods made by them online without buying from them. Therefore, if a person starts this business and for some reason this business is not successful, then in that case there is not much loss of that person.

Less responsibility

To start a dropshipping business, you are not responsible for purchasing any inventory, maintaining them and shipping the ordered product.

Wide selection of products

The trade of dropshipping is the trade associated with selling products and through this trade any kind of products can be sold. Therefore, when starting a dropshipping business, you have the option to sell a lot of products. From which you have to choose the products that you want to sell through your website.

You can make money sitting at home

Just as in today’s time employment is available for women or housewives sitting at home, similarly dropshipping business can be started from any place and no special place or office is required to do this business. it happens. Any person can do dropshipping business from his home, he should have laptop or computer.

You can also start this business alone

Dropshipping business is one of those businesses that does not require any kind of labor or employees. Due to which you do not have to depend on anyone, as well as you are saved from the expense of paying salary every month.

Starting a dropshipping business through its own website (Dropshipping With Your Own Online Store)

Instead of selling the product through third party sites like Amazon and eBay, you can set up your online store. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of opening your own online store which are as follows.

Benefits of opening your own online store (Benfits)

You have more control

Opening your own online store gives you more control over your work and you do not have to depend on third party sites. Therefore it is more beneficial to do dropshipping business through own website.

Get your own identity

By starting your website, you not only have more control over your products, but with the help of the website, your business also gets an identity. And just as websites like Amazon and eBay are famous among people, so too can your website be famous.

The other benefit of doing this business by creating your website is related to fees. By creating your website, you do not have to pay any fees to the third party, which means that only you have the right to your profit.

Disadvantage related to opening your own online store –

  • Have to work harder
  • Creating your website is not an easy task and if you create your own website, then you
  • will have more expenses and you will have to work hard. Also, while making your
  • website, you have to pay special attention to the look, name and other things of your
  • website. Because if your website will not be highly attractive, then your website will not be liked by people and as such it will harm your business.

It takes time to set up website

Already, there are many shopping websites that have established themselves well in this business. Therefore, when you build your website, it will take a lot of time to set up your website.

You will have to invest more money

To increase the traffic of your site, you have to resort to things like SEO, marketing and advertising and it costs to do so. So if you do dropshipping business through your website, then you will have to add the cost of these things to your budget.

Benefits of starting a dropshipping business with a website (Dropshipping Website Benefits)

There are many advantages to selling your goods through any other website i.e. third party and they are as follows.

Information related to building your e-commerce website

Build an e-commerce website thoughtfully

People can buy your products from you only through e-commerce website. Therefore, you have to make your e-commerce website very thoughtful. Also, you have to choose a good name for your e-commerce website.

Before creating an e-commerce website, you also have to decide which products you are going to sell through your e-commerce website. And after this is decided, according to your product, make a website for yourself from any website making company.

It is important to give information about the website

No matter how attractive your website is, but until people do not get information about your website, you will not be able to grow in this business. Therefore, you have to make a good strategy related to the promotion of your website, so that people can know about your website.

Ease of starting a business

If you start your dropshipping business through a third party, then you will have a lot of ease in setting up this business. Because these sites are fully installed and as soon as you upload your product on these sites, you start getting orders soon.

Contact your customers

It is not necessary that every dropshipper supplier deliver the right product at all times. So whenever your customers get the products ordered by them, then you should contact them and take a review of them. Apart from this, if you want, you can also add a comment section through your website through which you can connect with your customers.

The conclusion

Before starting dropshipping business, you should prepare a plan related to this business and start your dropshipping business according to that plan. Also, try that you should read some books related to this trade before doing dropshipping business. Because by reading these books, you will also get many important information related to this business.

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