Advantages and Disadvantages of Television – TV Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

List of advantages and disadvantages of television – know what is the advantages and disadvantages of TV, know what happens with us in 2019 in full detail. This is an Essay in which you can get information about the profit and loss of TV in Points. Television is a wonderful invention by Scientist in the 21st Century.

Scientifically speaking, it is simply a higher form of radio. In addition to its earlier work of passing over sounds, it receives and depicts visual images using electromagnetic radiation.

Television was first developed in Britain in 1926 by John Logie Baird, TV has evolved into the most powerful tool of audio-visual communication today. Television plays an important role in our daily lives, it keeps us updated.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of watching television in 2019

It keeps us entertained by showing us movies, songs, cartoons, serials and news of what is going on around the world. Most of the people spend their free time watching television and this is why TV is becoming the cause of many disadvantages in our lives today. So let’s know about some of Television’s Advantage and Disadvantage.

Benefits of television: advantages of watching television

Everything has its advantages and benefits, in the same way if watching TV for a limited time, then it also has its benefits which are as follows:

for entertainment

There is no doubt for the fact that television provides a wide variety of entertainment for both adults and children. We can entertain by choosing a series of plays in dramas, serials, movies and television, and by entertainment, our body and brain fatigue is removed and we feel relaxed.

To learn something new

Our children, your children or any other young children are fond of cartoons and prefer to watch and watch cartoon movies, and by watching these cartoons, children develop amazing skills and ideas.

For worldwide information

People can inform all the events in the country in economic, industrial and political fields. Today, with the help of TV, the countries sitting at home are updated with events, programs and news happening abroad, it provides us information about the whole world.

Family can sit together

Whether you believe it or not, TV is the only place where the whole family sits together during the day. It is very important to raise your family with love and care. Television is one of the great media for family solidarity. Mostly, this happens in the evening time when parents, school children and other family members may be able to sit in front of the TV. Also know what is Trp which is used in TV itself.

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For time pass

This is very important for all people, especially older people. After retiring from our jobs, it becomes difficult for our mother and father to pass time. In such a situation television is the best option for them. Not only older people but also children, teens and adults spend their free time watching their favorite programs on TV.

Loss of television: loss of television viewing

As we all know that there is a disadvantage by doing too much of anything, in the same way, there are many side effects of watching TV more than necessary, so let’s know which are the disadvantages of watching TV:

Waste of time

As such television is the best source to spend your free time. But if you are addicted to television, it will easily spoil your valuable time. In particular, it becomes harmful for children to sit for more time in front of the TV.

Bad for eyes

Watching programs in television for a long time definitely affects eye sight. Some people, especially children, watch programs on TV very closely, which is not good for their eyes, hence the eyes need a lot of care. Watching TV for a long time causes pain in the eyes.

Gives negative motivation

Seeing unwanted programs, the youth starts on the wrong path. As you all know, terrorism is on the rise nowadays, unlike previous decades. Some TV crime shows and some Adult’s Video Games are the main reasons. It is sad but true.

Lack of sleep in the body

Sleep is an essential part of every human life. In this busy and tired life, you need to give your mind some rest. You need a good sleep to give the brain a good rest, but some people sit in front of the TV, due to which they do not fulfill the requirement of rest as per requirement which will have wrong effect on human health.

Noise pollution occurs

Televisions produce high sound and make a high number of noise which is the cause of noise pollution and this bad sound generated by TV makes men Min Mental.

Read the conclusion

Television should be used in a general way, as it also consumes a lot of power with all the disadvantages. Excessive use can cause harm to us. Everyone should stay on TV for a limited time because TV is highly used socially

10+ fun Google tips and tricks that you are unaware of.

Google tips

Google Tricks in Hindi: Google is a search engine? No. Google being a search engine can do a lot with Google search secret tips and tricks hidden tools that you will never even hear. Google has many Google Tricks and Secret that you can use in search engines to make your work easier. In today’s article, we are going to share some of the fun tips and tricks of Google with you.

You can also use Google as a unicorn tool and a calculator tool that lets you convert questions from converting currencies to counting them, doing everything you can at any time except Google’s limits.

Less-known hacks, tools for time-savers, Easter Eggs and Search Shortcuts along with a lot of Google tricks we are going to give you in this article, so keep reading this article till the end.

Google is fun, hiding a lot of Hacks and Secrets with a clean and simple home page. So let’s know that Google’s tricks, which are quite interesting, are quite easy as well.

Google’s fun tips and tricks

For student study, businessman for your business, for fun or for research, you can take help of Google tips and tricks from everywhere, Google wants you to know everything you know Want to, but Google’s secret tips and tricks you may not have heard of before. Can use Google or with custom search engines.

Friends, over 23 lakh searches are done on Google in 1 second, Google tips and tricks for you will tell you in Hindi, so that you can use funny tricks on Google, in some projects, Easter Egg with Google Search Engine There have been experiments. Know Google’s top amazing tips and tricks in Hindi.How to use Google as a Stopwatch

You can use Google as a Timer and Stopwatch, for that you just have to do a Query search in Google, something like this.

First of all search in Google by typing “Set Timer For 15 Minutes” or “Set Timer for 15 minutes” and see that your timer and Google Stopwatch are ready.

Google’s Timeline

Do you want to know what you did a year ago? Where did you roam and where did you go? I am not talking about the time machine here, but “Google Timeline History” is a tool to track your own whereabouts and where you are at a particular date and time.

You can view the information related to your ‘place information history’ through Google Map timeline.

  1. Know the warmth of the world with Google Trends
  2. Google Trends tells you what is going on in the world, here you will find all the hot topics and latest keywords which are being used in maximum on the internet.

Digital marketing mastermind Neil Patel considers this as one of his Best Marketing Tools. It gives you information about the trend going on in the world which is amazing.

View all your passwords with Google Password Manager

Google saves all your online accounts in Google Password Manager to keep all your accounts safe.

This will get the passwords of all your accounts in one place and it makes it easy to keep different passwords for managing different accounts.

Just make sure that your Google Password itself is both secure and easy.

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How to toss with Flip A Coin?

Such a situation comes very often in life, which is the two way in front? For that you have to toss, search “Flip A Coin” to toss in Google.

So that a coin will come in front of you and Heads or Tails will show me the result, this is a very intersting trick.

Get weather information

Do you want to know what is the weather today and will it rain tomorrow? In such a situation, Google will give you the right information of weather, so that you can know the weather conditions of a place.

For that, enter “weather + geographic location” in Google and search, for example: Weather in Rajasthan.

Find the origin of any word

Want to know when a word originated?

Google can also help with this.

For the origin of any word, write “Etymology + word” and search in Google.

How to find the right word in Google?

Sometimes we are searching for something else on the Internet, but we see similar results on Google.

Search in a particular site.

If you are looking for something in a particular site, for this, you have to put Site: next to the URL of that website in Google search and write a search query.

  • How to search by file type
  • You can search for a particular File Format on Google.

Enter “Query + filetype: extension.”

For example: “PUBG Filetype: Apk.”

Find website related to website.

With the help of Google search, you can easily find a site with a subject. Just search by typing similar to that followed by typing the name of the website from which you will get the website which is related to it.

Google’s currency converter tool

You can compare two currencies from Google, you can know how many rupees are made by converting 50 $ to Indian rupee.

[Currency Code Countries: USD = US, INR = India, AUD = Australia, GBP = UK, CAD = Canada, RUB = Russia, JPY = Japan etc.]

Fix your mistakes with the help of Google

Google search engine dictionary is the import data of the word, so if you search for any wrong word by typing it in Google, then Google will show you the correct word by removing all the complications written in it.

You can easily capture those abilities.

How to make Google a calculator

If you have to count anything, then to do it quickly, type the question into a formula, search, because Google has the answer to every question.

In this way, when you search, you will have a calculator in front of you and you will also get an accurate answer to your question.

Find the time of sunrise and sunset.

After Google Geographic Location, enter “sunrise” or “sunset” to find out what time you can expect the sun to rise or set.

Google’s 10 fun tips and tricks

Quick Stat Population

Friends, you can easily know the population of any country or city on Google. All you have to do is go to Google, search for “Population of City Name”

You can get the population stats of any country by searching for “Population of City Name”

Google Spinning Screen Tips

To rotate your screen full 360 degrees, type ‘Do A Barrel Roll’ on Google Search and this will cause your Google screen to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Try it right away – it will be a lot of fun
Hope you like these tips. Now let’s talk about other tips

Under Water Google Tips

For this, you have to type ‘Underwater Google’ on Google Search. After this your Google screen will become like an aquarium. This experiment is also very exciting

Google Terminal Tips

To show the DOS screen on Google, you have to type ‘Google Terminal’ in the Search Box. Just type and see amazing.

Google Sphere Tips

Just imagine if your Google Screen started moving like the Galaxy. This will happen when you search on Google ‘Google Sphere’.

Google Mirror Tips

A mirror image (reverse picture) will appear on your computer screen. For this type ‘elgoog’.

Google Pond Tips

To create a stir like a pond on your Google page, search on Google by typing ‘Google Pond’ and see the magic.

Google Tilt Or Askew Tips

If you want to tilt your Google home page a little, then its keyword is ’tilt’ or ‘askew’

Google Gravity Tips

How would it be if your Google page fell apart? It will be awesome when you type ‘Google Gravity’. Now try these keywords and see more amazing.

Google Epic Tips

To do this trick, you have to type Epic Google on the Google Search page. After this, click on the first link in the search result. By doing this, the Google screen will sometimes look bigger or sometimes smaller.

Google Zero Rush Tips

Starcraft is an army of Jurg Aliens in the video game series. As you type zerg Rush on Google, many zeros will start deleting your search items. You have to save your page by clicking on them. However, this fun game has become such that you will not win it.

Google Tips

You are bored by looking at the home page of Google and want to see your name on it, then just have to type goglogo. After that, write the name you would like, the home page will be in front.

Google Rainbow Tips

If you like rainbow colors, then something new can be done on Google. Typing the Google Rainbow key word into Google search will bring many search options. Like other Google tricks, it also uses third party software. First click on Search Result, Rainbow will be made on Google’s home page.

Google Game Screen Tips

Type ‘Atari Breakout’ on Google Image, this will load the 70s Atari game on your screen.

Google Guitar Tips

If you want to play guitar, type on Google. Type ‘Google Guitar’. By doing this, a playable guitar will appear on Google, on which you will hear the sounds as soon as you click.

Google Sphere

The way all planets revolve around the Sun, similarly, upon searching for Google shells, it is quite surprising to see that all the text of the Google logo rotates on the Google homepage.

Friends, this is Google’s Top 10 Amazing Secret Tips and Tricks, which you can do to make Google search engine interested in making this Google Tricks list unique and working. You will be very good in desktop mode, try.

What is On Page SEO On Page Optimization

On page seo

On-Page SEO Techniques in 2019: If your blog is new and your blog post is not getting good organic traffic, then you should read this post from beginning to end, because in this post today we will discuss on-page SEO techniques. Will discuss and learn about optimizing the blog from SEO and how to optimize your content in Search Engine? How to do Traffic Increase for your blog?

I will tell you about it because there are so many blogs that do not write any good content but they do not get any traffic from Google Search Engine, in such a situation, my 10+ SEO Optimization Tips will be very beneficial for you.

Why is On Page SEO Optimization necessary?

Some bloggers think that just writing a good content will bring it to a good rank in the search engine and you will start getting Web Traffic, but Search Engine algorithms are set up and it is very important to follow them.

In search engines like Google, getting your content to the first page in high competition is like a challenge, for that you have to optimize your content with SEO, so it is necessary for every blogger to do SEO and in this post I will teach you well on SEO Optimization Tips in 2020.

On Page SEO Techniques for Beginners 2020

Good Quality Content

Before you publish any content on your blog, you should do Keword Research to make the quality of the content and you are fully aware of that topic, only then you will be able to display it well and Friendly and Catchy Headings in your content Write which will help you in better SEO and User Attraction, try to expand content as much as possible, at least in words so that your readers are also misguided Will not be.

Meaning if you have a good knowledge about a content, then you can also create a good focus on Long Tail Keywords which will prove to be useful for On Page SEO, the first thing is to choose a Best Topic on which you will write. And after that keep in mind what you will cover in the post and write your post on the same basis.

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And it is important to start the post with basic knowledge, that means if a reader has come to your website, who is not aware of this topic, it will be beneficial for that too and keep in mind the writing time on Page SEO and in this way You can write Quality Content for the blog.

Keyword Analysis

If you are new to On Page SEO and you do not know how to do Keyword Research, then it happens to everyone, which is a big confusion for Newbie Bloggers, in such a way, we will tell you how to find Keyword and research on them. If we do, then first of all know why it is important to do Keyword Research, why is it so important.

Keywords is a word when you search for anything, it is your keyword and without research you have to find High Traffic Keyword so that you will be able to target readers, you should know which keywords on a topic. By searching through it, you can come to your post, in such a situation, you will find many tools free and Paid which helps in doing better Keyword Research.

If you want to get more traffic, then you have to rank on such keywords which have good traffic and if you focus on low traffic keywords then you will not be able to get good traffic, Short keywords and Long Tail keywords are of two types here. But you have to see if there is too much competition on short keywords, then try to focus on Long Tail Keywords.

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Copyrighting Content

It is very important that what you are writing is as much as possible to try to make your content different from other authors, writing Duplicate Content can cause you a lot of damage, there are countless websites on the internet which write a lot of quality content, HardWork and Doing research and reading some of his content, changing it or writing something like that but publishing it in his blog, it doesn’t take much effort, but by doing so, you The ranking of a website has a bad effect and which is completely against SEO Guidelines.

With the help of DMCA you will be able to file a report against the content being stolen from your website, the full form of DMCA is Digital Millenium Copyright Act, which is a copyright law of the United States (US), so that the website owner can use its content like Video and Audio can prevent copyright from being stolen.

The first thing is that the reader also does not like the copied article and is also harmful for SEO, so try to write unique content and if your content is 100% original and long length words then SEO And if you get good rank in Google SERPs then always keep this in mind.

Improve Website Speed

The faster your blog opens, the more you will benefit from SEO and Fast Loading Blog is being given more importance in Google, for which webmasters are resorting to fast loading theme and AMP, which they are also benefiting from. Keeping in mind, we reduced the load time of our website, which I have got the benefit of seeing.

Google Slow Loading Website does not like the reader and Google On Page SEO at all, then do not take this lightly and speed up your website, Must read which will be helpful for you.

Fix Website Errors

If a visitor comes to your website and is welcomed with a lot of errors, then it will be wrong on your website and repeatedly block your website and completely disappear can be a danger signal for you, you You must have seen that you go to the website and you see errors of Error Establishing a Database Connection and 500 Internal Server Error, then fix them quickly.

What is Website Errors and how to fix it?

  • Errors occur when a .htaccess is corrupted.
  • Non-compatibility of any one plugin can cause error.
  • Upon completion of the PHP Memory Limit.
  • Errors also come from Word’s Corrupt Core Files.
  • By not using good web hosting, you will get a lot of error.
  • Error coming to the website will harm your website readers and SEO so try to fix it as soon as possible.

Mobile Friendly Website

To make your website mobile friendly, you will have to design the website in such a way that your website opens well in all mobile phones, for this, the design of your website is such that Mobile Responsive, you will find many themes for it, Make sure to check your website with Google Mobile Friendly Test tool.

If we talk about why it is important to have a website Mobile Friendly, then for the information, tell you that Google gives more importance to the Responsive Website and indexing the mobile website first, if your website is not opening well in mobile and computer. So use our created “Sahu4You Genesis Child Theme” which is completely free.

Check Keyword Density

Keyword Density is very important in White Hat Seo, it is very important to control keyword density, what is keyword density? Focusing on a keyword, you write the content and how many times you repeat that keyword in that content, generally do not take the keyword density above 2% so that your content will not be seen by Black Hat SEO and Keyword To avoid problems like stuffing, keep in mind Keyword Density.

There are many tools on the Internet so that you can check Keyword Density, I take help of Yoast SEO Plugin, I am going to tell you soon about new online tools to check Keyword Density in a new post, so that you too can be Will be able to do Keyword Density Check easily.

Catchy Titles Tags

How to make the title tag of the post as SEO friendly, which can improve the CTR and improve the SEO as well,

  • Title should be perfect to improve On Page SEO.
  • Post’s CTR (Click Through Rate) will improve which is beneficial.
  • People will click on your post more than Cacheable Title, Attractive Headings.
  • It is important to use the main keyword in Title Tag and Headings and make it SEO Friendly so that users from Search Engine would like to read your content in which you use H1 Main Post
  • Title Heading as the title of the post and H2 for Subheadings. Write using H3 and H4, so that your content will be read easily at the time of Google indexing and the readers will also be able to read your article.

Removing Duplicate Content

If you mislead this thing, then you do not believe in Google Search Engines Guidelines so that Google algorithm can ever Penalize you, by repeatedly repeating the same content on a single website and indexing it in Search Engine. Will have a bad effect on

In such a situation, Search Rank Decrease of your website in search engine, if it is the same in your website, then try to fix it quickly and delete all the duplicate content in your website.

There are many tools from where if you are facing any problem in finding Fake Duplicate Content, then suggest me in a comment so that I will bring more information about it for you.

So friends, today’s On Page SEO article ends here, today you have learned a lot about SEO which is useful for you even 1%, then I will be happy in it, I told you 20+ tips to do SEO Optimization which will help SEO in 2019. You can use these tips to improve

What is PayTm FastTag? Beginner Guide

We will know about Fastag what is this Fastag ? And how does it work ?, Where can you buy it and where can you use it and how do we recharge it, so let’s know.

The Electronic Toll Collection System or Fastag Scheme was first introduced in India in 2014.

Which is gradually being implemented on the toll plazas across the country. With the help of Fastag system, you will be able to get rid of the problems faced while paying toll tax in the toll plaza. With the help of FasTag , you will be able to pay your toll plaza tax in the toll plaza non-stop, you just have to put Fastag on your arm. You can buy this tag from any official tag issuer, such as Paytm, all nationalized banks, etc.

Fastags will soon be made available at petrol pumps to speed up the collection of tolls on road across the country. Later, they can also be used to buy petrol and pay parking fees. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said, From now on Fastag will be available at petrol pumps and we plan to make it available across the country. Apart from this, there are also plans that customers can use this card to buy petrol and pay parking facilities.

What is Fastag ?

The FasTag is a device mounted on the glass facing the vehicle. And it has Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). As soon as your vehicle comes near the toll plaza, the sensor on the toll plaza cuts off the charge on that toll plaza from your fastag account as soon as the sensor on the wind screen of your vehicle comes in contact with the fastag. Stopping there, we pay our plaza tax.

This tag installed in the vehicle will start its work as soon as your prepaid account is activated. At the same time, when the amount of your Fastag account is exhausted, you will have to recharge it again. Fastag will have a validity of 5 years i.e. after 5 years you will have to install a new fastag on your car.

What is paytm fastag?

What is Paytm Fastag? How does work. Complete information about Fastag?
For your information, let us know that after many big banks including SBI, Paytm Paymet Bank has also allowed to bring ‘Fastag’. The bank has launched Paytm Fastag to make it easier to deliver toll fees on all the way across the country and to save time. If this vehicle will have a Fastag on it, then you can proceed without stopping at Toll Plaza.

Redu Datti, SEO, Paytm Paymet Bank said, “While doing paymet at Toll Plaza, a lot of time is wasted by the common people. Apart from this, people have to face the problem of not having a holiday. In such a situation, Paytm Fastag can save them from this problem. This will enable the common man to cashless Paymet at any Toll Plaza in the country.

Earlier, when you had to pay money from your pocket after passing a vehicle from Tollplaza, but after a few days this process started to accumulate cashless and credit and debit card through Tolltax, now an electronic card has arrived, so that you can give something Is not needed Fastag must be in your vehicle. Which is a Redio frequency identification.

Can we buy online

According to Paytm, you can buy Fastag online on the Paytm app for older vehicles. Customers using Paytm Fastag will get a cashback of 7.5% on every toll transaction. The bank expects the number of vehicles using Paytm Fastag to cross 1 million by the end of this financial year.

Documents required to take Fastag

At the time of opening a fast tag account, you will also need to submit the following documents along with a form given, which is as follows-

How to Buy Online Fastag?

If you have used Paytm App then it will be only if you do not have Paytm app. So first download the paytm app and login by creating your account.

Step.1- After LoTin Paytm Account, now below you will get the option of Fastag.

Step.2- Now you have to click on Next Fastag Option. On clicking, you will get a new window, in which Fastag buy will be given.

Step.3- As soon as you click on Buy For rs500, you have to enter Delevary Address and PinCode and click below, then the fast price is Rs 600 but 17% discount is going on so that you will get it from paytm for Rs 500.

Step.4- Now your Fastag Card will be added to your paytm cart. Now you have to go to Uper cart Option. Jakar Fastag will reach your given address.

Customers using Paytm Fastag will also get 7.5% cashback in every toll transaction.

How will Fastag Active be?

If you have purchased Fastag, now you have to activate it with your account, for that I also tell you what you have to do. For activation.

First of all, you have to go to SBI Bank and you have to give Id and Adress prof and a photo to state bank of India. In id you can give aadhar card or pan card. And in Address Prof, driving license or any address prof can be given.

After giving the document, SBI will activate your Fastag Account.

Paytm Fastag will be introduced in all New Launch vehicles from 1 December.
Paytm Payment Bank is in talks with the companyio and vehicle delars of the vehicle for providing paytm Fastag for the new Vahan buying Custumer. These include Maruti, Hundai, Tata, Mercedes, Renolt and other car companies.

Benefits of FasTag

The Ministry of Roads and Transport has started the fastag system above several toll plazas in the country to solve the problem of long line of trains and open money due to toll tax in toll plazas. With the help of Fastag, along with saving your time, your petrol or diesel will also be saved.

SMS will be facilitated

Whenever you cross a toll plaza from a vehicle with Fastag, an SMS will come to you after deducting your fee from the Fastag account. You will be informed about the amount you have been deducted from your Fastag account through SMS.

These banks will be recharged (Bank for Recharge Fastag or Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Account)

You can recharge your Fastag account through credit card, debit card, RTGS and net banking. Fast tag account at least 100 Rs. And up to 100000 rupees can be recharged. You can open your fastag sticker and fastag account by visiting any toll plaza and agency inside any point of sale (POS). By going to the website of National Highways Authority of India, you can find the place of point of sale near you.

The bank has introduced Paytm Fastag to make it easy to pay toll charges on all highways across the country.

Talk to running car companies

Currently, Paytm Payments Bank is in talks with car companies to make Paytm Fastag available for customers purchasing new vehicles. Negotiations are also going on with car dealers for this. This includes Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mercedes, Renault and other car companies.

Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)

Passport size photo of owner
KYC documents and address proof of the vehicle owner

By taking fastag –

  • You can save time – because your payment goes to the toll online, you don’t have to stand in long lines, and you can reach your destination quickly.
  • It is cashless – being cashless does not require you to find money.
  • You can recharge online – during your debit, credit or net banking, you can recharge fast tags.
  • SMS Alerts – There is no minimum balance in your fast tag, if you have just been paid in toll, then you will get SMS.
  • This is unlimited validity: unlimited validity.

By the way, let us tell you that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has asked all the vehicle manufacturers and auto dealers to make sure that the owner is sure to have a fast tag on the vehicles to be purchased, so now it is necessary that you fastag on your vehicle. Will have to be installed.

How to download Twitter Lite App?

download twitter lite app

Download twitter lite app , if you use Twitter, then good news for you because Twitter Lite has been launched. Twitter says that it is very fast, which will save your internet and you can also do it with Twitter Lite in slow network. This will make you load content 30% faster and it will save 70% of your internet.

Twitter is a micro blogging website that has now launched the Prakash version, you must have heard about Facebook Lite and Skype Lite, this is also the same way you will be able to use Twitter even in a slow internet connection.

But Twitter has not launched any fast loading message app. Twitter has launched a web browsing system. With this you will get advanced-data saver mode, which will open Twitter well before 4 seconds.

Data saver mode will make images and videos a little brighter and when you click on it, it will become clear,

Let us know for you, the developers of Twitter Lite is Progressive Web App (PWA), which Twitter has launched by partnering with Google,

This version of Twitter is in 42 languages, but with it you get 6 Indian languages ​​(Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati and Bengali).

Twitter has announced about this app by putting a post on the official blog. Twitter has stated that 75% of internet users have slow speeds, and they don’t use a website like Twitter properly, you know it’s fast and mobile friendly.

Information about Twitter Lite, what are its features

  • Do you know that Twitter has not launched any official app so that you are on Google Play and App Store, which can be used through the browser.
  • You get it in 42 languages ​​and you get 7 languages ​​of India, which will give better experience for Indian.
  • It is not only fast, data-friendly and mobile friendly, will save 70% of your internet and also work in fast loading in a slow data network.
  • You don’t even need to update it, when the new version comes, it will be automatically upgraded.
  • The best thing that no one gives you, it will not load and download any photos without your consent, pictures and videos will be blurred shows. Only when you click on them you will be able to download
  • When you use Twitter from mobile, it will be added to your home screen as a widget, you will not have to download Twitter Lite.

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And friends, with this you will get offline access, safe browsing and push notification features.

How to use Twitter Lite

How to use Twitter Lite, this question will also be on your mind, it is easier to use many times than this lite version,

  1. First go to from a browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  2. Login to your account, if you do not have an account then you can create an account
  3. Now click on your profile icon
  4. From here you will get the option of Data Saver which can be enabled by Lite version
  5. Now you have to go to Twitter Home and add this webpage to home screen and go to the side menu and click on “Add Homes Screen”

The Twitter light will become a widget in your menu drawer and you can access it. Conclusion it.

Link Building SEO: Learn how to do Link Building

Link building

Hello friends, today we will talk about what is Link Building SEO, if you do not know about it, then you are reading the correct article because in this article we are talking about what is Link Building for SEO, how for Rank Building Factor for Link Building for SEO This is how we are going to cover all your questions and topics here.

To rank the content of your blog, you have to keep many Google Search Engine Algorithms in mind, and link building is also a part of that, you must have heard about Link Building before, but due to lack of knowledge, apply Would not have done it. Still, now we will give you information about what is Link Building SEO and how to do SEO.

Today in this post, we will talk about the most important part of Blogging, which is Link Building because if you do not know about this, then you can understand that you are incomplete in Blogging right now, and now you are on the second step in the path of success.

And you will have to learn this part with full interest and dedication because even a little Miss Understanding can give you a negative result instead of a positive, so Be Careful and read this post carefully.

What is Link Building SEO?

What is Link Building SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of many Ranking Factors used because Link is a Signal for Google that assures your site Google that your website is useful for a quality resource. Therefore, sites with more backlinks receive higher rankings.

Link building put is the way to link your website page to any other websites by linking your website to Interlink Link, and External Link is called Link Building.

Today we will talk about some Link Building SEO here, which are like this.

  • Link Building Basics
  • About High-Quality Links
  • Email Outreach About
  • Basics of Link Building SEO

This is probably all you know that Link is still very important for ranking in Google or any search engine even today, because if you want to rank yourself, then you have to do Link Building because Google Algorithm will rank only those webpages, which is linked to more and more web pages.

That is, web pages or websites or blogs that have more backlinks, so, if you want to rank your website or blog, then you have to do Link Building and for this, you should know some basics.

Having Google Penguin Update or Google Panda Update does have an effect on our traffic but it benefits you a lot, but the count of your backlinks should be good.

Now it comes to how important to have backlinks but a High Quality Backlink is equal to your 100 Low or Poor Quality, So Always Try To Create High Quality Do Follow Backlinks.

Now if you have a question in your mind about what high quality backlinks are and how to make them, then this is Good News For You because in this post I will discuss the same things So Keep Reading …… ..

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What is High Quality Links and how to create:

Now it comes to making backlinks, there are two types of links in it, which is High Quality and Low Quality, which read below.

1: High Quality

If you do high quality link building, then you can easily sit in your house and rank your blog or website easily and these links are important for you so always try this only for link building high quality link.

2: Low Quality

If you do Low Quality Link Building then you are doing absolutely wrong and you should avoid it because if you have made Total Low Quality Link then you understand that Google can also Penalize your site, I mean to say this Not that you do not do Low Quality Link Building, but if you make 40% Low Quality Link, then try to make 60% High Quality Link or you can keep Ratio Same for both.

3: Authority Of The Page (PA):

If you do page linking to increase PA, then you must always remember that every page you are linking to your page should also have good PA, only then you will get its benefit, Google does not share it publicly. But, but they use it in the Foundation of their algorithms.

4: Authority Of The Site:

The authority of your site depends on the age of your site, the older your domain, the more your website will be the same Authority Increase, which is probably called DA (Domain Authority), so I personally recommend that you do not change the domain again and again, because I felt its loss.

Note: I changed the domain of another blog, its reason was that AdSense was banned in that domain, I felt very sad because the way I worked and got it ranked, all my hard work was wasted.

5: Internal Linking:

Do you do internal linking in your articles, it also has a much more effect, you can embed the link in your post to the other articles you have shared related to the topic you are writing post on. User Direct can go to your other post from the same, it will benefit you a lot because your Bounce Rate Decrease will be there, which helps in the ranking somewhere.

6: Link Anchor Text:

If you do not know about it, then I tell you, Anchor Text is a text in which you can link your site and when a user clicks on it, it gets redirected to your site. Mostly Comment is used in In Anchor Text, you should use your name or the name of your site, do not use any popular keyword because it can also be understood as Spam.

Ex: You comment on our blog, put your or your site’s name in the Name field and submit the comment by putting your website in the website section, within 24 hours your comment will be approved, you come back and click on your name and try it You will be redirected to your site.

7: Link Co-Citations:

Co-citations are words that are around the links used in your post, and Google uses them as “Baby Anchor Text”, which also helps a lot in ranking.

8: Link From Guest Post:

Who would not know about the guest post, it is the post that we would have written, but for the Link Building SEO, we publish it on another blog, and I do not consider it a good way to link building to anyone. for. It is also called some Log Guest Blogging.

Google has told in its official blog that guest post can also be a spam if you do it this way. Here I am giving some points which are mentioned in Google Blog.

If someone pays you for Guest Post, then do not do this because it can be a Spam.

If the Anchor text you are using for the link in the article does not match your content, that is, our main focus which is that Focused Keyword should not be used as Anchor Text.

That post should not be already published on any other site.

Your and your Guest Posting Site should be Niche Same i.e. if you share information related to Blogging, then the Topic of Accepting Guest Post should also be related to Blogging.

If you do Guest Post keeping these points in mind, improving Sure will help you in ranking.

Difference Between Nofollow & DoFollow:

rel = nofollow This is a tag that tells the search engine that you should not index this link, we have just applied it with some personal reason.

And when it comes to SEO, we remember Dofollow Backlinks because this is indexed by Links Search Engines and helps us rank, so what is the time to start making them today.

Email Outreach About

By the way, you will not get any help in Link Building SEO from here, but you can definitely get good traffic from here, you can use the contact form in your blog and collect visitors’ emails and make them a Best Email Design by yourself. And send it to everyone whose email you have collected.

You Email Design something like this-

Hi [First Name of Visitor]
You probably want to know about [write the name of your Topic]. I have given some special points and all the details about it.
[Write about some Special Word Article that Attracts the User]
Give a link to that article.
[How much do you know about Topic written about yourself between 25 to 40 Word]
[Link your site! ]
Regards / [or whatever you like]
[Your Name]

In this way, if you design your email form and email it to someone, then surely Sure will visit your blog.

I hope you liked this 2019 information about Link Building SEO Basics, in which you taught about Link Building Basics, High Quality Links and Email Outreach.

Link Building SEO Information You will get the rest of the information in the next post, if you have a question related to it, then you can ask in the comment.

How to project mobile screen on laptop

how to project mobile screen on laptop

project mobile screen on the laptop: Remote screen sharing is an undeniably mainstream way to access media from a cell phone. Using protocols like Miracast, you can shaft video from your cell phone to your TV. On the off chance that you claim a Windows 10 PC. you can increase your screen to it as well, giving you a chance to reflect your telephone onto your work area screen.

Since the arrival of the Holiday Update. Windows 10 has completed all that you have to stream your screen to your PC. You can both send and get Miracast content inside the working framework.

How You can Project Smart Phone

Step 1: First of all you have to open the Settings application and navigate to the “Framework” class.

Step 2: All the applicable settings are recorded on the “Anticipating to this PC” page. Here you can pick where your PC is permitted to get substance and whether a PIN ought to be utilized for sharing.

Step 3: The “Windows PCs and telephones can extend to this PC when you state it’s OK” dropdown menu. It gives you a chance to pick the physical areas that spilling is empowered for. As a matter of course, it’s set to “Accessible wherever on secure systems.”. On the other hand, you can compel Miracast to be “accessible all over the place” or “constantly off.”

Step 4: The second dropdown menu, ” Ask to project to this PC, ” controls. Typically, “First time just” ought to be enough. On the off chance that you mean to use Miracast on an open system. “Each time a federation is mentioned” might be a more secure choice. It is the fourth step to project or cast mobile screen on laptop

Step 6: To begin with, open the Connect application on your PC. on the gadget you need to stream content from, open your media and use the working framework’s controls to associate with a remote presentation.

Step 7: To Project mobile screen On Windows 10 laptop, you just need to open Action Center and press the “Associate” fast switch. Your PC should appear in the rundown if it’s on a similar system. Tap its name to get associated. On Android, you can ordinarily interface with a remote presentation from the Quick Settings screen on the notice plate.

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At the point when you’ve joined your gadget. you should see a live view on its screen show up in the Connect application following a couple of moments. It will stream progressively from your telephone. In spite of the fact that the show will differ with every gadget mix. In the event that your gadget doesn’t completely bolster the standard, the Connect application and projection settings page will show an admonition that the presentation may be corrupted.

I hope you are able to connect your smartphone with pc.project the mobile screen on the laptop will very helpful for you. If you are a YouTuber or if you are shown both screens and teaching someone. It is very helpful for you you should use it. If you like our post then please tell us through the comment box.

How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile? Tips for Increase RP in PUBG.

How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile?

How to change name in PUBG  mobile?

How to Change Name in PUBG  Mobile?
Change Name in PUBG

Hello friends, whoever is a PUBG player, always gets the question that how to change name in PUBG mobile? So today we will see in this article how to change your profile name in PUBG Mobile? and some tips to increase RP in PUBG mobile. So friends, don’t spend much time, let’s start.

Change profile name in PUBG

Everyone now feels that my name should go ahead in PUBG. but now it is becoming difficult due to increasing competition because everybody is showing their skills in the PUBG game. Coffin, BiuBiu, Soul Mortal are some of the world’s best PUBG players. This is not their original name, this is their nickname. we all feel that we should also have a name so that we can make a good career in PUBG. But the name we enter while creating the PUBG account is the same name in our profile but we want to change that name but we cannot change it. but today we will tell you the method by which any PUBG player can change his profile name.

Method to name change in PUBG mobile

Friends, in order to change your name in PUBG Mobile. we have told all the below method very step by step, by reading which you will be able to change your name in PUBG Mobile.

step 1

Open the most PUBG mobile on your mobile.

step 2

Now the home page of PUBG Mobile will be opened in front of you.

step 3

At the bottom of the home page of PUBG Mobile, there will be an option of inventory name, click on it.

How to Change Name in PUBG  Mobile?
Change Name in PUBG

step 4

Now a new page will open in front of you, in which you will see all the coupons we have earned.

step 5

Now you have to click on the coupon named ID from these coupons.

How to Change Name in PUBG  Mobile?
How to Change Name in PUBG?

step 6

Now the window of change nickname will open in front of you. you will have to put whatever name you want to put in it and you have to click on the option named ok. And similarly, your name will be changed in PUBG mobile.

We told you in very simple steps above that how to change the name in PUBG Mobile? You can change your PUBG profile name using these steps. But for this you must have the I’D Coupon is the most important to change the name. otherwise, you cannot change your nickname in PUBG mobile.

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How to increase RP in PUBG mobile.

How to increase RP in PUBG mobile.

Friends, as we said above, how to change my nickname in PUBG mobile? Now we will see how to increase your RP quickly in PUBG Mobile?

Friends, there are many such factors in PUBG Mobile, so that we can make a good career in PUBG mobile. the most important in this is RP, which is also called Royal Pass, we have RP to win as many players are considered good. There are many types of players in PUBG Mobile, including noob player, pro player, god player, and legend player. It depends on the rankings of all the players, what kind of player they are. So friends, how can you increase your RP PUBG mobile quickly? If you are going to tell this. then friends, read this article carefully, I am going to tell you some tips to increase RP, so let’s not start spending too much time.  

1. Friends, our RP in PUBG matters a lot which you have to play very carefully to grow.

2. While playing PUBG mobile, you should keep in mind that while playing, try to stay in the game for a long time. that means we do not have to rush over the enemy as soon as the game starts, otherwise we have more chances of killing One should try to get into the last top 10 rank. This will increase our RP and level quickly.

3. Friends, you can also buy RP to increase RP in PUBG mobile. In PUBG mobile, you also get the option to buy RP so that you can increase your RP quickly.

4. Friends, in order to increase your RP in PUBG mobile, you get to see two options in your PUBG, daily mission, and challenges. clicking on these options, you get to see some tasks in the PUBG. RP is available, this is the best way to increase that your RP will increase rapidly when this task is completed.

5. Friends, we mentioned above that daily mission and challenges are two such options. after clicking on these, you see many options of collect, by collecting them all your RP increases.


So, friends, it was some tips to increase RP in your PUBG mobile. by doing these tips, you can increase your RP very fast so that you get a good rank in PUBG. You too can make a good career in PUBG by increasing your RP.

So, friends, we told you in this article how to change name in PUBG mobile? & how to increase RP in PUBG mobile. so how do you like our information, do not forget to comment on us and send this information to your friends so that your friends can also get a good rank in PUBG mobile.

Thank You……

What is dropshipping business? Beginners Guide Dropshipping India

Dropshipping in india

Friends, this is the trading business of a low investment segment. In this business, you have to send the shipment details of the order that you get to the dealer of that product. In the drop shipping business, the entrepreneur has to create an e-commerce website. In which he contacts the dealers and shows their products. Informs customers about their price and that product. And after this, when the customer places an order, the customer sends the details of the shipment details and the product to the same dealers.

Which he sends the customer to the direct product according to the given information. You do not have any role in this process. In drop shipping, you can choose the products which have more profit on your website.

How does dropshipping business work?

In order to do this business through online, there is no need to maintain any kind of inventory maintenance, nor does it require any store, warehouse to keep the products. Apart from this, in dropshipping business you do not have to take the trouble of sending the ordered products to the customers.

In the drop shipping business, mainly the products you sell, you do not own those products. Actually, in this business you open an online store or sell your products together with any other shopping website.

Through your online store, you can sell many types of products and when an order comes to you to buy those products, then you send the order to the supplier selling that product. After which that supplier supplies that product on behalf of your company.

How to make money through dropshipping

Through dropshipping, you have to extract your profits only from those products which are bought by customers. That is, if the wholesale price of a product is 100 rupees and you sell it for 120 rupees, then you will get a profit of 20 rupees on the sale of that product.

Therefore, the price of any product you sell through the site should be much less than its selling price. So that you can earn a good profit by selling those products.

Apart from this, many companies also add shipping charges to the wholesale price of their products, while some companies charge shipping charges separately from you and you have to pay these shipping charges from your profits. Therefore, more people add shipping charges in advance to the selling price of their product, so that their profits are not reduced. At the same time, some people take shipping charges separately from customers.

Drop shipping Suppliers

Drop shipping business cannot be done without the help of dropshipper supplier and to sell any kind of product you need a dropshipper supplier. So you should know very well who is the supplier of dropshippers and what is their role in dropshipping business.

Who is a dropship supplier? (Who is Drop shipping Suppliers)

The dropshipper supplier is the person whose goods you sell online through your site. Actually, to start the business of drop shipping, you have to first choose the product you want to sell and then contact the dropshipper supplier of the goods, which works to sell that product.

By meeting the supplier of the product you have chosen, you have to decide how much, how and in how many days, he will get the goods delivered to the person whose order you will give him.

What is the role of Drop shipping Suppliers?

After getting the deal related to the dropship supplier to sell his products, he would give you approval to sell his products on your website or any other website and you can sell his products by putting a photo on the website. After which, as soon as you get an order for that product, you send that order to your dropship supplier and then it sends that product to the customer who ordered the product.

However, there are many dropshipper suppliers who deliver goods of inferior quality to your customers. Therefore, you have to think very carefully to choose a supplier who can only deliver products of the right quality to your customers.

How To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

It is very difficult to choose the right dropship supplier and all the business is based on the dropship supplier. If you select an incorrect dropship supplier, your business will be closed before it starts. At the same time, you are given information about what is important to keep in mind while choosing a dropship supplier.

Certified Drop Shippers

You will find many such droppership suppliers, who will be working to sell those products which you wish to sell through drop shipping. So whatever dropshipper supplier you choose, you must check whether it is a certified dropship supplier. If that certified dropshipper supplier comes out, then you only deal with it.

Check products

Check thoroughly the drop-supplier supplier whose products you are thinking of selling, the products made by him or the products he sells. And if you think his products are right, then deal with him. At the same time, if the quality of his product does not suit you, then it would be wise not to do business with him. Because if you sell the product of useless quality to the customers, then it will only harm your drop shipping business.

Which Products to Choose in Drop Shipping?

First of all, choose the products that are bought more online. Such as mobile, computer, mobile and computer accessories, clothes, shoes, books toys, small furniture, etc. Be careful that you do not keep the products in your list because the shipping charge is high because the profit will be reduced due to higher shipping charge. Chance is high.

What are the advantages of a drop shipping business?

  • No more than one or two people are required to do this business.
  • This business costs a lot less.
  • This business can be done sitting at home, once in the beginning of business you have to rush to contact the dealers.
  • Aventory maintenance, store technology also has no role in this business.
  • If the business model model is favorable, the platform may soon become popular.
  • And at the same time, if the business is properly calculated, it can also be grown with more earning in less time.

What are the things to be kept in mind in drop shipping business?

The most important thing is that every product found on your platform should be genuine and the quality of the product should be special. We should keep checking that there is no wrong deal with any customer. As I mentioned above, the product supplier has an important role in this, so there is a need to keep a special eye on the supplier.

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For which it can be detected by connecting with the customer, how did he like the service of your platform? Those who are engaged in this business say that in this business there is a lot of problem in product overload, delivery time, and replacement, which should be kept in mind. Apart from this, competition with joint players can also prove to be a great choice for a young entrepreneur.

Quality control should be taken care of in drop shipping

Before you show a product on your platform, contact the dealer and take a consent letter from the supplier that the product he is showing on the platform should be the same. There should not be any change. Provide complete information of the product on your e-commerce platform and guarantee that the product can be returned if the wrong product is delivered. You kept checking this thing from time to time. In order to stay connected with the customer, put a contact form on the website, feedback form to take the feed back so that any problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

In drop shipping business, supplier selection and online work is very important.

The supplier’s role is important in this business. Therefore, the entrepreneur should include the supplier who has the supplier’s certificate and a lot of experience in his list, ie he has been associated with the production and marketing of that product for a long time. How much is the availability of any product you want to sell on your website? Apart from this, in-depth knowledge is required about who will be an important part in the shipment and replacement of the product.

Contact as many dropship suppliers as possible

If you search about a dropshipper supplier selling a product through online, then you will find thousands of such dropshipper suppliers who will be associated with this business. And in such a situation it becomes a little difficult for you to choose one dropshipper supplier.

Apart from this, some of these dropshipper suppliers also have suppliers who sell counterfeit goods and in such a situation one has to be more careful in choosing the right dropship supplier. Therefore, you should try to contact as many dropship supplier as possible and then deal only with the supplier of these dropship supplier which is trustworthy.

Easy return policy

Many times it happens that customers do not like the product you sent and they wish to return that product. Therefore the return policy of your dropship supplier should be quite easy, so that neither you nor your customer will have many problems in returning the product.

Setup fees or monthly fees

There are many dropshipper suppliers who call themselves certified dropshipper suppliers and ask you for setup fees or monthly fees to do business with you. But in reality this is not the case and no fee is demanded by any certified supplier. So if any dropshipper supplier asks for any kind of fee from you, then you should not deal with it.

Give you the product at the right price

In the drop shipping business, profits are earned by selling the product. Therefore, you should work with that dropship supplier, who will give you your product at a lower wholesale price, so that you get more profit.

What Products Can Be Drop Shipped Through Dropshipping

There are many types of products that can be sold through drop shipping and earn good profits and the names of these products are as follows.

Computer Accessorise

Computer accessories are sold by many drop shipping companies and are one of the most popular products. People are constantly upgrading their computers and technology and often buy new types of hardware. So you can sell products related to computer accessories through drop shipping.

Beauty Product

Most people buy beauty products online, so if you want, you can also consider selling these products. Also, beauty related products are soon used and hence they are bought much more.


Clothing shopping is also mostly done by people through online, so if you want, you can also sell many types of clothes through online dropshipping and keep their prices accordingly.

If you want to sell clothes through dropshipping, then you also have to decide what kind of clothes you are going to sell, such as Indian wear or Western wear. With this, you also have to decide what kind of clothes you want to sell. Try to sell readymade garments. Because by doing this all types of people will be able to connect with your website.


Cellphone is such a thing, which is used by every class of people. Therefore, you can also consider selling cell phones through dropshipping. Cellphones are sold by many companies in the market, so you will have to contact the retailers and manufacturers of all these companies and sell cell phones of all types of brands.

Generic drugs

Nowadays, medicines are also bought by people online and hence you can work to sell medicines online as well.

Medicine is such a thing, which is very important, so their demand is high all the time. Therefore, selling them through dropshipping will prove beneficial.


The next product you can choose to do dropshipping business are books. You have to decide what kind of books you want to sell, such as children’s books or books related to older people or stationery shop items.


You can also sell items related to children through dropshipping business and to do this you will have to meet the manufacturers of toys or wholesalers who sell them. You should deal with the wholesaler who is ready to sell this face to you at low prices.


The dropshipping business can also be opened for furniture items such as sofas, chairs and tables. However, it costs more to get the shipping of these goods, so if you want, you can add these shipping costs to the prices of these goods or directly from the customers who order these goods.

The risk is low

To start this business, one simply has to contact the retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer and sell the goods made by them online without buying from them. Therefore, if a person starts this business and for some reason this business is not successful, then in that case there is not much loss of that person.

Less responsibility

To start a dropshipping business, you are not responsible for purchasing any inventory, maintaining them and shipping the ordered product.

Wide selection of products

The trade of dropshipping is the trade associated with selling products and through this trade any kind of products can be sold. Therefore, when starting a dropshipping business, you have the option to sell a lot of products. From which you have to choose the products that you want to sell through your website.

You can make money sitting at home

Just as in today’s time employment is available for women or housewives sitting at home, similarly dropshipping business can be started from any place and no special place or office is required to do this business. it happens. Any person can do dropshipping business from his home, he should have laptop or computer.

You can also start this business alone

Dropshipping business is one of those businesses that does not require any kind of labor or employees. Due to which you do not have to depend on anyone, as well as you are saved from the expense of paying salary every month.

Starting a dropshipping business through its own website (Dropshipping With Your Own Online Store)

Instead of selling the product through third party sites like Amazon and eBay, you can set up your online store. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of opening your own online store which are as follows.

Benefits of opening your own online store (Benfits)

You have more control

Opening your own online store gives you more control over your work and you do not have to depend on third party sites. Therefore it is more beneficial to do dropshipping business through own website.

Get your own identity

By starting your website, you not only have more control over your products, but with the help of the website, your business also gets an identity. And just as websites like Amazon and eBay are famous among people, so too can your website be famous.

The other benefit of doing this business by creating your website is related to fees. By creating your website, you do not have to pay any fees to the third party, which means that only you have the right to your profit.

Disadvantage related to opening your own online store –

  • Have to work harder
  • Creating your website is not an easy task and if you create your own website, then you
  • will have more expenses and you will have to work hard. Also, while making your
  • website, you have to pay special attention to the look, name and other things of your
  • website. Because if your website will not be highly attractive, then your website will not be liked by people and as such it will harm your business.

It takes time to set up website

Already, there are many shopping websites that have established themselves well in this business. Therefore, when you build your website, it will take a lot of time to set up your website.

You will have to invest more money

To increase the traffic of your site, you have to resort to things like SEO, marketing and advertising and it costs to do so. So if you do dropshipping business through your website, then you will have to add the cost of these things to your budget.

Benefits of starting a dropshipping business with a website (Dropshipping Website Benefits)

There are many advantages to selling your goods through any other website i.e. third party and they are as follows.

Information related to building your e-commerce website

Build an e-commerce website thoughtfully

People can buy your products from you only through e-commerce website. Therefore, you have to make your e-commerce website very thoughtful. Also, you have to choose a good name for your e-commerce website.

Before creating an e-commerce website, you also have to decide which products you are going to sell through your e-commerce website. And after this is decided, according to your product, make a website for yourself from any website making company.

It is important to give information about the website

No matter how attractive your website is, but until people do not get information about your website, you will not be able to grow in this business. Therefore, you have to make a good strategy related to the promotion of your website, so that people can know about your website.

Ease of starting a business

If you start your dropshipping business through a third party, then you will have a lot of ease in setting up this business. Because these sites are fully installed and as soon as you upload your product on these sites, you start getting orders soon.

Contact your customers

It is not necessary that every dropshipper supplier deliver the right product at all times. So whenever your customers get the products ordered by them, then you should contact them and take a review of them. Apart from this, if you want, you can also add a comment section through your website through which you can connect with your customers.

The conclusion

Before starting dropshipping business, you should prepare a plan related to this business and start your dropshipping business according to that plan. Also, try that you should read some books related to this trade before doing dropshipping business. Because by reading these books, you will also get many important information related to this business.

How to check Aadhaar Card status ? Update Phone Number

How To Check Aadhaar Card Status in 2019 - Hello Friends, Today's post is linked to Aadhaar card. In today's post, I will tell you about checking whether Aadhaar card is valid

How To Check Aadhaar Card Status in 2019 – Hello Friends, Today’s post is linked to Aadhaar card. In today’s post, I will tell you about checking whether Aadhaar card is valid or not, this is how we check Aadhaar card status in simple language. Can speak

How To Check Aadhaar Card Status in 2019 - Hello Friends, Today's post is linked to Aadhaar card. In today's post, I will tell you about checking whether Aadhaar card is valid
Aadhaar card status- How to check Aadhaar status online

So let’s know how can we check that our Aadhaar card is valid or invalid from our home, yes friends, it is very important for you to check because recently the Indian government closed 82 lakh Aadhaar cards. Have given.

In which, Say can be your Aadhar card or any of your relatives, if it is not, then it is a very good thing, but if your Aadhaar card is invalid, then you may face a lot of problems, that is why you should check the status of your Aadhaar card immediately. You should be able to know whether the government has closed your Aadhaar card. So let’s know how to check Aadhaar Card Status Online.

How to check Aadhaar Card Status Online?

Friends, if you want to check the validation of your Aadhaar card, that is, you can check the status of your Aadhaar card at home by using the method described in this post, then, while not talking more, let me tell you step by step. Let me check how to check Aadhaar Card Status.

1. First of all go to UIDAI website.

2. Now click on the option of Verify Aadhaar Number in the area under Aadhaar Services.

3. Now a new page will open in front of you where you have to enter your Aadhaar number and the CAPTCHA in the image given there and click on Verify.

4. Now if your Aadhaar card is valid in front of you, then Icon will come in Green Color of a Right.

5. Done Now you know whether our Aadhaar card is valid or not.

How to add mobile number to Aadhar card

How to link your Mobile Number in Aadhaar card, that is, how to link mobile number with Aadhar card. In this article, we are going to know how important it is to register your mobile number in the Aadhaar card and add the mobile number to the Aadhaar card.

It is very important to update your mobile number in the Aadhaar card. If your mobile number is not registered in Aadhaar, first register your mobile in your Aadhaar card. We are going to tell you step by step about it, how can you register your mobile number in the Aadhaar card. But before that we know what are the advantages of linking mobile number to Aadhar card.

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1. To link mobile number from Aadhar, first call 14546 from your mobile number and choose your language.

2. After that, enter your Aadhar number and complete the next process.

3. Now a One Time Password (OTP) will come on the registered mobile number in your Aadhaar Card.

3. Now a One Time Password (OTP) will come on the registered mobile number in your Aadhaar Card.

4. After this enter One Time Password (for verification, OTP will be sent to Registered Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card).

5. After completing the process, your mobile number will be linked to your Aadhar Card.

Benefits of adding mobile number to Aadhar card

There are many benefits of adding a mobile number to the Aadhaar card, so it is mandatory for Aadhaar Card Users to link their mobile number to their Aadhaar card. The following is the advantages of adding a mobile number to the Aadhaar card.

1. If your Aadhaar Card has some Mistake like… Aadhaar Card to do Correction or Aadhaar Card to make some changes, like – Name, Father Name, Sir Name, Dob, Address, Mobile Number Email Id etc. to improve Mistake The mobile number must be registered in the Aadhaar card.

2. All the government services which are connected to the Aadhaar card, it is necessary to register their mobile number in the Aadhaar card to take advantage of OTP Verification.

Now you must have known that it is mandatory to have a mobile ad in the Aadhaar card. So let’s now know further – how to add your mobile number to your Aadhaar card.

It is very easy to register with the mobile number Aadhaar card. We can register your mobile number Aadhaar card in 2 ways. How is the mobile number linked in the Aadhar card! To know this, read this information till the end.

2 ways to add and link mobile number in Aadhar card

1. Take your required documents to the Aadhaar Card Enrollment Center near you. Any one ID proof and address proof document. In the Enrollment Center, you can register your mobile number online in your Aadhaar card. By adding your mobile number to the Aadhar card, a Confirmation Message will be found on your mobile.

2. If there is no Aadhaar Card Enrollment Center in your village / city or near the village, then you should try the following method.

Follow Steps:

⇨ First of all download the Aadhaar Card Correction form from the Aadhaar Card site from this link.

Go To Aadhaar Update Then Update Request by Post

⇨ Now fill all your information in it. Name, Father Name, Sir Name, Dob, Address, Mobile Number Email Id etc.

⇨ Now copy any one of your ID proof and address proof documents like that Valid Document along with that form and send the Xerox Copy of your Aadhar card to the following leaf.

1. UIDAI post box no. 99 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034 India
2. Box no. 10 Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh 480001 India

Copy any one of your ID proof and address proof documents like Valid Document along with the form on any one of the above cards and send Xerox Copy of your Aadhar Card. Now wait for a few days, your mobile number will be included with your Aadhar card. When you add the mobile number, a Confirmation Message will be found on your mobile.

Once your mobile number is included in your Aadhaar card, you can avail government and private Aadhaar card linking services. You can also change your mobile number with Aadhar card. After that you can do many corrections in your Aadhaar card sitting at home.

1) Check the status of your Aadhaar card

By clicking on the link given above, we can check the status of our Aadhaar card. We have to enter the enrollment ID on the receipt of our Aadhaar card there, then enter a security captcha, then click on Check status and see the status of your Aadhaar card will be on your computer screen.
2) Download your Aadhar Card

We can download our Aadhaar card by clicking on the link given above, entering the information on the enrollment receipt and entering the mobile verification code. This is a simple trick that anyone can take advantage of.