Advantages and Disadvantages of Television – TV Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television
Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

List of advantages and disadvantages of television – know what is the advantages and disadvantages of TV, know what happens with us in 2019 in full detail. This is an Essay in which you can get information about the profit and loss of TV in Points. Television is a wonderful invention by Scientist in the 21st Century.

Scientifically speaking, it is simply a higher form of radio. In addition to its earlier work of passing over sounds, it receives and depicts visual images using electromagnetic radiation.

Television was first developed in Britain in 1926 by John Logie Baird, TV has evolved into the most powerful tool of audio-visual communication today. Television plays an important role in our daily lives, it keeps us updated.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of watching television in 2019

It keeps us entertained by showing us movies, songs, cartoons, serials and news of what is going on around the world. Most of the people spend their free time watching television and this is why TV is becoming the cause of many disadvantages in our lives today. So let’s know about some of Television’s Advantage and Disadvantage.

Benefits of television: advantages of watching television

Everything has its advantages and benefits, in the same way if watching TV for a limited time, then it also has its benefits which are as follows:

for entertainment

There is no doubt for the fact that television provides a wide variety of entertainment for both adults and children. We can entertain by choosing a series of plays in dramas, serials, movies and television, and by entertainment, our body and brain fatigue is removed and we feel relaxed.

To learn something new

Our children, your children or any other young children are fond of cartoons and prefer to watch and watch cartoon movies, and by watching these cartoons, children develop amazing skills and ideas.

For worldwide information

People can inform all the events in the country in economic, industrial and political fields. Today, with the help of TV, the countries sitting at home are updated with events, programs and news happening abroad, it provides us information about the whole world.

Family can sit together

Whether you believe it or not, TV is the only place where the whole family sits together during the day. It is very important to raise your family with love and care. Television is one of the great media for family solidarity. Mostly, this happens in the evening time when parents, school children and other family members may be able to sit in front of the TV. Also know what is Trp which is used in TV itself.

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For time pass

This is very important for all people, especially older people. After retiring from our jobs, it becomes difficult for our mother and father to pass time. In such a situation television is the best option for them. Not only older people but also children, teens and adults spend their free time watching their favorite programs on TV.

Loss of television: loss of television viewing

As we all know that there is a disadvantage by doing too much of anything, in the same way, there are many side effects of watching TV more than necessary, so let’s know which are the disadvantages of watching TV:

Waste of time

As such television is the best source to spend your free time. But if you are addicted to television, it will easily spoil your valuable time. In particular, it becomes harmful for children to sit for more time in front of the TV.

Bad for eyes

Watching programs in television for a long time definitely affects eye sight. Some people, especially children, watch programs on TV very closely, which is not good for their eyes, hence the eyes need a lot of care. Watching TV for a long time causes pain in the eyes.

Gives negative motivation

Seeing unwanted programs, the youth starts on the wrong path. As you all know, terrorism is on the rise nowadays, unlike previous decades. Some TV crime shows and some Adult’s Video Games are the main reasons. It is sad but true.

Lack of sleep in the body

Sleep is an essential part of every human life. In this busy and tired life, you need to give your mind some rest. You need a good sleep to give the brain a good rest, but some people sit in front of the TV, due to which they do not fulfill the requirement of rest as per requirement which will have wrong effect on human health.

Noise pollution occurs

Televisions produce high sound and make a high number of noise which is the cause of noise pollution and this bad sound generated by TV makes men Min Mental.

Read the conclusion

Television should be used in a general way, as it also consumes a lot of power with all the disadvantages. Excessive use can cause harm to us. Everyone should stay on TV for a limited time because TV is highly used socially

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