10+ fun Google tips and tricks that you are unaware of.

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Google Tricks in Hindi: Google is a search engine? No. Google being a search engine can do a lot with Google search secret tips and tricks hidden tools that you will never even hear. Google has many Google Tricks and Secret that you can use in search engines to make your work easier. In today’s article, we are going to share some of the fun tips and tricks of Google with you.

You can also use Google as a unicorn tool and a calculator tool that lets you convert questions from converting currencies to counting them, doing everything you can at any time except Google’s limits.

Less-known hacks, tools for time-savers, Easter Eggs and Search Shortcuts along with a lot of Google tricks we are going to give you in this article, so keep reading this article till the end.

Google is fun, hiding a lot of Hacks and Secrets with a clean and simple home page. So let’s know that Google’s tricks, which are quite interesting, are quite easy as well.

Google’s fun tips and tricks

For student study, businessman for your business, for fun or for research, you can take help of Google tips and tricks from everywhere, Google wants you to know everything you know Want to, but Google’s secret tips and tricks you may not have heard of before. Can use Google or with custom search engines.

Friends, over 23 lakh searches are done on Google in 1 second, Google tips and tricks for you will tell you in Hindi, so that you can use funny tricks on Google, in some projects, Easter Egg with Google Search Engine There have been experiments. Know Google’s top amazing tips and tricks in Hindi.How to use Google as a Stopwatch

You can use Google as a Timer and Stopwatch, for that you just have to do a Query search in Google, something like this.

First of all search in Google by typing “Set Timer For 15 Minutes” or “Set Timer for 15 minutes” and see that your timer and Google Stopwatch are ready.

Google’s Timeline

Do you want to know what you did a year ago? Where did you roam and where did you go? I am not talking about the time machine here, but “Google Timeline History” is a tool to track your own whereabouts and where you are at a particular date and time.

You can view the information related to your ‘place information history’ through Google Map timeline.

  1. Know the warmth of the world with Google Trends
  2. Google Trends tells you what is going on in the world, here you will find all the hot topics and latest keywords which are being used in maximum on the internet.

Digital marketing mastermind Neil Patel considers this as one of his Best Marketing Tools. It gives you information about the trend going on in the world which is amazing.

View all your passwords with Google Password Manager

Google saves all your online accounts in Google Password Manager to keep all your accounts safe.

This will get the passwords of all your accounts in one place and it makes it easy to keep different passwords for managing different accounts.

Just make sure that your Google Password itself is both secure and easy.

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How to toss with Flip A Coin?

Such a situation comes very often in life, which is the two way in front? For that you have to toss, search “Flip A Coin” to toss in Google.

So that a coin will come in front of you and Heads or Tails will show me the result, this is a very intersting trick.

Get weather information

Do you want to know what is the weather today and will it rain tomorrow? In such a situation, Google will give you the right information of weather, so that you can know the weather conditions of a place.

For that, enter “weather + geographic location” in Google and search, for example: Weather in Rajasthan.

Find the origin of any word

Want to know when a word originated?

Google can also help with this.

For the origin of any word, write “Etymology + word” and search in Google.

How to find the right word in Google?

Sometimes we are searching for something else on the Internet, but we see similar results on Google.

Search in a particular site.

If you are looking for something in a particular site, for this, you have to put Site: next to the URL of that website in Google search and write a search query.

  • How to search by file type
  • You can search for a particular File Format on Google.

Enter “Query + filetype: extension.”

For example: “PUBG Filetype: Apk.”

Find website related to website.

With the help of Google search, you can easily find a site with a subject. Just search by typing similar to that followed by typing the name of the website from which you will get the website which is related to it.

Google’s currency converter tool

You can compare two currencies from Google, you can know how many rupees are made by converting 50 $ to Indian rupee.

[Currency Code Countries: USD = US, INR = India, AUD = Australia, GBP = UK, CAD = Canada, RUB = Russia, JPY = Japan etc.]

Fix your mistakes with the help of Google

Google search engine dictionary is the import data of the word, so if you search for any wrong word by typing it in Google, then Google will show you the correct word by removing all the complications written in it.

You can easily capture those abilities.

How to make Google a calculator

If you have to count anything, then to do it quickly, type the question into a formula, search, because Google has the answer to every question.

In this way, when you search, you will have a calculator in front of you and you will also get an accurate answer to your question.

Find the time of sunrise and sunset.

After Google Geographic Location, enter “sunrise” or “sunset” to find out what time you can expect the sun to rise or set.

Google’s 10 fun tips and tricks

Quick Stat Population

Friends, you can easily know the population of any country or city on Google. All you have to do is go to Google, search for “Population of City Name”

You can get the population stats of any country by searching for “Population of City Name”

Google Spinning Screen Tips

To rotate your screen full 360 degrees, type ‘Do A Barrel Roll’ on Google Search and this will cause your Google screen to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Try it right away – it will be a lot of fun
Hope you like these tips. Now let’s talk about other tips

Under Water Google Tips

For this, you have to type ‘Underwater Google’ on Google Search. After this your Google screen will become like an aquarium. This experiment is also very exciting

Google Terminal Tips

To show the DOS screen on Google, you have to type ‘Google Terminal’ in the Search Box. Just type and see amazing.

Google Sphere Tips

Just imagine if your Google Screen started moving like the Galaxy. This will happen when you search on Google ‘Google Sphere’.

Google Mirror Tips

A mirror image (reverse picture) will appear on your computer screen. For this type ‘elgoog’.

Google Pond Tips

To create a stir like a pond on your Google page, search on Google by typing ‘Google Pond’ and see the magic.

Google Tilt Or Askew Tips

If you want to tilt your Google home page a little, then its keyword is ’tilt’ or ‘askew’

Google Gravity Tips

How would it be if your Google page fell apart? It will be awesome when you type ‘Google Gravity’. Now try these keywords and see more amazing.

Google Epic Tips

To do this trick, you have to type Epic Google on the Google Search page. After this, click on the first link in the search result. By doing this, the Google screen will sometimes look bigger or sometimes smaller.

Google Zero Rush Tips

Starcraft is an army of Jurg Aliens in the video game series. As you type zerg Rush on Google, many zeros will start deleting your search items. You have to save your page by clicking on them. However, this fun game has become such that you will not win it.

Google Tips

You are bored by looking at the home page of Google and want to see your name on it, then just have to type goglogo. After that, write the name you would like, the home page will be in front.

Google Rainbow Tips

If you like rainbow colors, then something new can be done on Google. Typing the Google Rainbow key word into Google search will bring many search options. Like other Google tricks, it also uses third party software. First click on Search Result, Rainbow will be made on Google’s home page.

Google Game Screen Tips

Type ‘Atari Breakout’ on Google Image, this will load the 70s Atari game on your screen.

Google Guitar Tips

If you want to play guitar, type on Google. Type ‘Google Guitar’. By doing this, a playable guitar will appear on Google, on which you will hear the sounds as soon as you click.

Google Sphere

The way all planets revolve around the Sun, similarly, upon searching for Google shells, it is quite surprising to see that all the text of the Google logo rotates on the Google homepage.

Friends, this is Google’s Top 10 Amazing Secret Tips and Tricks, which you can do to make Google search engine interested in making this Google Tricks list unique and working. You will be very good in desktop mode, try.

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